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Saxum International Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in Italy. Its main mission consists in offering people from all over the world the possibility of reaching a personal encounter with God through a deeper and historical knowledge of the holy places in which Jesus lived, preached and acted. It promotes interreligious and intercultural dialogue through the common heritage that the Holy Land represents and it collaborates with Saxum Visitor Center by promoting its programs and events in different countries through a network of Advisors.

Saxum International Foundation started the project of looking for the necessary funds to develop the Center. Thanks to the generosity of many donors from different countries, this dream of Saint Josemaría is today a reality.

The Foundation regularly organizes the Holy Land Dialogues, a one-week program in the land of Jesus that combines the visits to the holy places along with a workshop dedicated to dialogue. The participants, coming from countries all over the world, discuss with experts in a unique environment the different perspectives and dimensions of the culture of dialogue.

More than a pilgrimage

Holy Land Dialogues

Holy Land Dialogues (HLD) is so much more than a pilgrimage. It is an interior and exterior trip to the roots of faith in the land that God chose to become man. It is an opportunity to engage with local people, to learn about the past and the present, first hand. HLD is an experience that you will be sharing with people from around the world, a melting pot of cultures and religions, a space for reflection.

Holy Land Dialogues 2024
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Our Advisors are in many different countries. To get in touch with the closest in your area, please send us an email to and we will put you in contact with the right person.

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