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The Holy Land changes people’s lives. Since we first opened our doors in 2019, we have seen so many visitors experience it: thousands of pilgrims deepening their knowledge of the historical and spiritual heritage of the Holy Land. Travelers from around the world have benefited from the cultural and spiritual experience, regardless of their beliefs, their background, or the circumstances of their lives.

Saxum is a non-profit organization that aims to bring the Holy Land closer to people around the world and promotes interfaith and intercultural dialogue, based on the common heritage that the Holy Land represents.

Now we need your help so we can continue to make this project and its development a reality. Saxum Visitor Center is our core activity consisting in a multimedia tour that combines technology with the history of the Holy Land through timelines, maps, interactive screens, models, recreations, and video mappings, allowing visitors to experience the spatial and temporal dimensions of the land Jesus walked through; In addition, we organize training courses for tour guides on Christian History and Archaeology; the project includes publishing of new books about the Holy Land and the Bible in various languages; editing videos and making available resources about the Holy Places and training programs for young people from different countries.

Please do not hesitate to collaborate, thank you!

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