Saxum Visitor Center

Saxum Visitor Center

The Saxum Visitor Center will be an orientation and information center for individuals and groups visiting the Holy Land. The center will offer visitors:

  • State-of-the-art technologies, touch-screen tables, a model of Jerusalem, and videos about the Holy Land, its geography, the Bible and the main events of the History of Salvation that took place in this area.
  • A chapel where visitors can attend Mass, the sacrament of Confession, and a place for silent, private prayer.
  • An auditorium for presentations, lectures, and special gatherings.

In addition to offering information and services to pilgrims, the resource center also aims to contribute to the ongoing and vitally important formation of tour guides who accompany thousands of pilgrims each year to the holy sites and who have a significant impact on the pilgrims’ experience.

The audio-visual materials of the resource center and the courses for tour guides will be organized by Polis – The Jerusalem Institute for Languages and Humanities.

Polis is a world-wide institute of higher education. By focusing on the humanities, it seeks to rediscover the sources of Western culture through a revitalization of the ancient languages.

Polis and Saxum are working together to develop the entire contents of the Visitor Center. In Polis, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Druze work together.   This spirit of cooperation will permeate all the activities of the Saxum project.