Payment Form


To pay, you must make a transfer before 30 November, 2017 to the account indicated below.  Payment can be individual or by group. In the case of making a joint transfer, please INDICATE INDIVIDUAL ID of the person or persons who covers the payment, separated by commas. In both cases it is essential to complete the field “concept” of the transfer with the ID (identification number) of each person. We cannot confirm your payment if the concept field does not include your ID. Payment must be by the sum total of the amount that has been sent by mail to each ID. Please know that the organization cannot cover the cost of the transfer.

Finally, proof of payment must be attached to the same form and the cancellation policy of the event, included in the form should be accepted. Once the payment is made, we can inform the hotel and the group that you will be part ofduring the week of Holy Land Dialogues.

Bank Data

Beneficiary: Saxum International Foundation
Bank: Fineco Bank S.p.A.
IBAN: IT73V0301503200000003613718
B.I.C. codice swift: UNCRITMM
Concept: “ID participant/s”

 * When 11 digits for the BIC code are needed, you can use UNCRITMMXXX as the swift code. The payment will go through UNICREDIT Bank which is the group whom Fineco Bank belongs to.
Address Beneficiary “Saxum International Foundation”
Via Torquato Taramelli, 30 00197 Rome (Italy)
Address Bank “Fineco”
Via Rivoluzione d’Ottobre 16, Reggio Emilia 42123 (Italy)