The Saxum Foundation

The Saxum Foundation

The Saxum Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established in Italy and governed by Italian law (Via Torquato Taramelli n.30, 00197 Rome; CF 97755970585). The foundation is responsible for the worldwide fundraising campaign for the construction and development of the Saxum Conference Center and Saxum Multimedia Resource Center and the endowment fund for the ongoing and future needs of the centers.

The Saxum Foundation has established agreements with Foundations in various countries to facilitate the donation process locally.  It is also possible to make a donation directly to the Saxum Foundation.

The Saxum Foundation will also coordinate fundraising efforts in the different countries to help attract more visitors to Israel.  To further this goal, the establishment of a Saxum International Information Center in Chicago, Illinois, USA is being considered to promote pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to support pilgrims in their preparation for the pilgrimage and experience in Israel.

The Executive Board of the Foundation is constituted by:

  • President: Alfonso Alegiani
  • Vice President: José Fabregat
  • Secretary: Luis Martín
  • General Secretary: Antonio Quintana

2013-The audited financial statement.
Legal Recognition
Annual Report 2014 ( printable version | digital version )
Annual Report 2015 ( printable version | digital version ) (Issuu Version)

Annual Report 2016 (digital version) (Issuu version) (Printable version)